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Please help us spread the word far and wide to Swab for Norah!     

The more people who register,

the greater the chance of Norah and others finding a match. 

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Email your friends and family to let them know how important it is to Swab for Norah and join the registry.  You can find a sample email here:

Email your network


Please like our public Facebook page "Norah Needs You," invite your friends and share our posts widely.  Use hashtags: #NorahNeedsYou and #SwabforNorah

Like & share on Facebook

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Post a video of yourself Swabbing for Norah or a picture of you holding a sign saying #SwabforNorah and noting you've done it.  Share with your network, and let folks know why this was important to you. You can also post images or videos from Be The Match:

Host a virtual drive


Let your organization or group know why joining the registry is important to you. 

Send a message to your co-workers or submit an article to your company newsletter.

We are happy to help you draft an article. Click the link for resources to craft your letter.

Share with your organization

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